Friday, July 21, 2017

The Fellowship of the Upper Room

There are times when Jesus invites us to the Upper Room to sit at His table, not as a disciple, but as Himself. We speak but no one hears, we act but no one sees. And yet, in those times, we know Him - moving from the Outer Court to the Holy of Holies - the heart of our Father.

Jesus draws us through the koinonia of His suffering deep into Himself. The portal into the Trinity is the Cross, and while we prefer to designate the place of our own crucifixion, our Father loves us too much to allow us to do that. We are carried where we would not choose to go.

The Divine Presence shadows us, envelops us, lives in us and through us in Christ as we speak, as we act, as we obey, as we lay down our lives, as we walk out that which is written in the volume of the book…and in the midst of our pain we think, we ponder, we say, we shout, “I delight to do you will O God!”

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