Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Bride or A _____?

Herod wanted to come and worship Him;
Pilate eventually accomplished the deed.
The Cross is not the flag;
The flag is not the Cross.

If we must have a flag in a meeting house,
Then let us have the flags of all nations
For we have a Gospel for all nations,
And our brethren are from all nations.

If we agree (and we may not) that government
Should not establish a religion;
Can we not agree that a religion
Should not establish a government?

Violent armed rebellion due to economic conditions,
Genocide of Indians,
Jim Crow,
These things may not have happened without the acquiescence at best,
And endorsement at worst…
Of the professing church.

Herod and Pilate are smiling.
Caesar is laughing.
Wall Street and Hollywood are counting their coins.
Washington, on both sides of the aisle…has nothing to fear.
“Let the church call herself the Bride of Christ if it wants, but we are having our way with her!”

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