Friday, June 3, 2016

Philippians 3:3 – A Prayer

Holy Father, teach us to worship you in your Spirit, to glory in your Son Jesus Christ, and to put no confidence in the flesh. Teach us what these things mean, guide us into them; open our eyes, our ears, our hearts.

Lord Jesus, we know that you came to bring us into a new and living way, to bring us into yourself. We know that worship is not a matter of this place or that place, but rather a matter of Spirit and truth; we know that our Father seeks men and women who will worship him this way. But O Lord Jesus, until we met you we were creatures of the earth, earth bound, and we are accustomed to the things of the earth, we are accustomed to worshipping in this place and that place – help us to worship by the Holy Spirit in a new place, within you.

Holy Spirit, teach us to glory in Jesus Christ, for him to be our all in all, our heart’s desire, our joy, our delight, our beloved. When we are tempted to follow after religious “things” remind us of Jesus, when we are tempted to glory in the traditions of man remind us of Jesus, when we are about to be enthralled with anything that does not exalt and glory in our Lord Jesus Christ – remind us of Jesus and draw our hearts to him.

Holy Trinity, we have been taught to have confidence in the flesh, in our own abilities – from our youth we have been taught to be self-sufficient, this has been our way of life, whether in community, in work, or in religion. Wean us from ourselves and draw us to yourself. May we see the flesh for what it is, may we see our self-righteousness for what it is, and may we count these things rubbish that we may be found in you – not having our own righteousness but the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Make us yours our God, and may we make you ours, and let us live and breathe in you today. 

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