Thursday, February 11, 2016

If You Can't Kill The Interpretation - Then Kill The Text

If the fifth column within the professing church can’t kill the divinity of Jesus Christ by twisting the Biblical text to its advantage; then it can seek to undermine the authenticity of the text so that there is no text to interpret.

This reminds me of Chesterton’s observation on Darwinism, “It didn’t kill God, it killed man.” Those in the professing church who focus on the destruction of belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ do not put Him to death yet again (He is risen forevermore); they drive nails into their own souls. While it is a sad thing see a man drink himself to death on the hemlock of the rejection of the God and Savior who loves him and died for him; it is a sadder thing to see a person offer the hemlock to others. 

There really are seminaries that are cemeteries.

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