Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Daily News or Eternal News?

If the first things we talk about are the headlines, then First Things are not our main things.

If our minds are slaves (despite our protestations) to the ever-changing news, then they are not washed in the Good News.

If our preoccupation is our national government, then we are not seeking first the Kingdom of God.

All flesh is grass and all it loveliness is like the flower of the field (Isaiah 40), only the Word of God abides forever – so then, which word is living in us? We cannot serve two masters, we cannot serve two kingdoms. When we speak to others we will speak for one or the other, when we relate to others we will relate as either citizens of this age or citizens of that Age which is breaking into this age.

We will either make deposits in the bank of heaven or the bank of this age – where exactly is our treasure? What does our speech reveal about our heart?

What will the meditation of my heart be today? What will my words say about my heart? What about you?

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