Monday, March 25, 2013

His “To-Do List”

Here's another piece from Bill's Prayer Journal. As I prepared to upload the piece I thought, "I think I'd better put a prayer journal in my car". What do you think?

God turned one of my “Honey-Do Lists” into a “God-Do List” and I’d like to share how that happened.

My first “to-do” stop was to fill up my daughter’s car with gas before her return to college.  While filling her car I started a casual conversation with a lady on the other side of the pump.  “Something” told me to ask her if she had a need that I could put in my prayer journal.  When I asked her, you could see that something was weighing heavy on her heart.  She gave me her name and asked me to pray for her son.  I told her I would pray for him and their family and she thanked me.

My second stop was at a retail store.  There was an employee at the exit who was upbeat and smiling and telling everyone to “have a blessed day”.  On my way out of the store I thanked her for brightening up my day.  I also told her that I had a prayer journal and that if she had a prayer need I would pray for her.  She went from being very upbeat to someone who had a great burden.  She asked me to please pray for her grandson who had gotten himself into a lot of trouble.  She gave me her name and her grandson’s name and thanked me.

Next I went to another store to find items I had been unable to find at the previous one.  I asked one of the employees for help and she took me to find what I needed.  Since one of the items did not have a price she asked me to wait while she checked so I would know which of the choices was the better deal.  When she returned with the pricing I thanked her for her help.  I then told her about my prayer journal and asked if I could put her name in my journal and pray for any specific needs that she had.  The next thing she told me made my heart ache.  She said there was no need for her to give me her name because there was no reason for her to pray anymore.  She told me her daughter was hit by a car and killed while she was crossing the street and then several months ago her husband did not get up for work; when she went to check on him he was dead.  I told her I was so sorry and she looked at me and walked away.  But then something awesome happened…she called back to me and told me her name!

God had three individuals on His “To-Do List” for me that day.  He knew these people needed someone to reach out to them and share His Love.

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