Thursday, February 14, 2013

"I Have to Blow My Nose"

My friend Bill has four children, one of which is a “special needs” child. Below is an entry in Bill’s prayer journal.


In January of 2012, we were notified that Leigh’s behavior was affecting the staff and the other residents at her group home and that something needed to be done to correct her behavior.  My wife and I and our friends prayed that we would find help for Leigh.  The problem was that even though I was praying for God’s help, I was still controlling everything and not turning it over to Him.  In May of 2012, after things had gotten worse, we had a meeting at the group home and were informed that if Leigh’s behavior did not change that she would need to move out by year’s end.  It was so sad for all of us because this had been Leigh’s home for over 20 years.

I cried and I prayed to Him each day asking Him to please help us find someone to help Leigh.  The hard thing for me was to give up control and to realize that it was not going to happen in my time table but rather in His timing.  Through what seemed to be “forever,” God’s hand was at work and through Him and a lot of praying He led us to a doctor who agreed to see Leigh. 

In August 2012, the doctor changed Leigh’s medicine and within a month Leigh was a totally different person.  Her behavior was so much better that the other girls in the group home were no longer afraid of her and the staff was so pleased with her.

At the beginning, I saw no hope but in the end I saw that through prayer no situation is too big for God.  He already had the answer.  He was just waiting for me to let go and watch Him take something that seemed impossible and turn it into a moment of “JOY” for Leigh.  Also, I had to remember that as a special- needs individual Leigh has a special relationship with God. 

Let me explain. When Leigh was 9 years old she was very upset about something and her mom told her to go upstairs and talk to God about it.  A few minutes later as we heard her yelling to God we went to the top of the steps to listen. In the middle of her conversation with God she told Him to “Wait a minute -I have to blow my nose!  Don’t go away!”  She blew her nose and went right back talking with Him.  There is no doubt in our minds that God enjoyed that time with Leigh.  She knew that her heavenly Father would take care of her concerns.

God is GOOD!


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