Sunday, December 23, 2012

Revolutionary Small Group Resource

A few months ago I had two separate conversations with two friends who lead small groups; one group meets in a home, the other group is an adult Sunday school. Both friends asked me if I could recommend a small group study resource. I asked both, “Why not study a book of the Bible?”

One group had been using video-based topical material; the other had been using a combination of video-based material and topical books.

My suggestion seemed novel to both. The thoughts I shared with both were identical: Christians don’t know the Bible; I wished that each person knew even one book of the Bible well enough to call it his or her own; most people don’t know how to read the Bible; something wonderful happens when we read the Bible together, in Christ we learn from each other.

A few weeks ago one of my friends said, “We’re reading the book of James in Sunday school and it’s great. People are excited about reading the Bible. I thought we’d take five weeks for James but I think it will be more like ten.”

Yesterday the other friend called me and said, “Our small group has been reading the book of Daniel and everyone loves actually reading the Bible rather than getting together to watch a video and discuss the video. It has revitalized our group.”

Imagine that, Christians reading the Bible. I guess the Bible isn’t a bad small group resource – wish I’d thought of that before – kind of revolutionary.  

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