Saturday, September 4, 2010

Russell Moore On The Gospel and Glenn Beck

Last night I no doubt irritated some people, some were friends, some acquaintances, and some perhaps had simply strayed into my email address book. I seldom forward an email – I seldom enjoy emails that are forwarded to me and so I seldom forward them myself.

Last night I received a forwarded email from a friend, I didn’t know who the author was, and I assumed my friend had written it because he does have a way with words and I know he’s passionate about Christ and the Church. Today I learned that Russell Moore at The Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville had written it – I normally do research before I send anything out, I didn’t last night.

Now having said all of that, here’s the link:

And having said all that, I sent it because I thought, and continue to think, that Moore had the courage to challenge the populist Christian (sad to say) view on politics, whether from the right or the left – though the case in hand has to do with masses of professing Christians and Glenn Beck and the Tea Party and who knows what else. Moore rightly notes that the right has its own liberation theology – a beautiful observation and one I wish I’d thought of earlier.

Dr. Moore is at a seminary that not all Southern Baptist folk have the warm fuzzies for – but give me a man who makes you think and who isn’t out to be popular any day over a franchised persona or doctrine – I’d rather leave that kind of thing behind and be enraptured with Jesus. Why pastors don’t have the courage to speak out against stinking thinking and feeble theology I’ll never know – well – of course they’ll lose their jobs, which says something about the church as we know it…but I’ll put the brakes on that one for now.

The president of Dr. Moore’s seminary, Al Mohler, is someone else you might want to familiarize yourself with on these matters.

Thank you Dr. Moore. Other pastors, (for Dr. Moore is also a pastor), where are you?

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