Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Reconciliation To Avoid

My Puritan prayer this morning contained the following:

Grant that I may never trust my heart, depend upon past experiences, magnify any present resolutions, but be strong in the grace of Jesus: that I may know how to obtain relief from a guilty conscience without feeling reconciled to my imperfections. [Bold and italics mine].

How often I have been reconciled to my imperfections! How often I have sought detente and truce with my sin when there should never be accommodation with sin. How often have I played Chamberlain to sin’s Hitler! And how often have I acted the part of ancient Israel in Canaan in choosing to compromise with the inhabitants (sin) of the land of my heart.

“Lord Jesus, if today there is in me a reconciliation to sin in any form, in any shape, in any fashion, please reveal such to me in Your mercy and lead me out of that darkness, delivering me from myself while drawing me unto and into You.”

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