Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Cross and Bleach

When everything is reduced to the therapeutic, then sin is denied, and when sin is denied the Cross of Christ is relegated to a quaint symbol of…what? When we are bent on saving the “psychological man” we deny the Cross and become purveyors of…what?

We have taken bleach and scoured the Cross, steel wool and removed its stains; we have pressured washed it so that it does not offend – we have called a Hazmat team in to ensure there are no blood-borne pathogens – we will contain the offense of the Cross. Then we have decorated it, prettied it up, and invited others to come feel good…and then do we wonder why lives are not changed? No we don’t, we just come up with better sociological and psychological approaches for what passes for church.

We are more interested in how we think about ourselves than in how we think about the suffering Christ. 

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