Saturday, June 25, 2016

Robert McKenzie and Michael Gerson

Below are two posts from Robert McKenzie, a professor at Wheaton College. Then there is a link to Michael Gerson's piece that McKenzie quotes from.

What we see, or what I hope we see, from the promiscuous dance of certain leaders with the political system is an example of what happens when the Bible ceases to be our benchmark and when Jesus Christ ceases to be our true and only love - then we engage in promiscuity, a promiscuity which sadly takes the masses along. Of course, if we idolize men, including leaders within the professing church, then we will follow the idols and worship the calf...and the beast.

I think Bonhoeffer would be appalled at this and that he would see it for what it is - a mirror of history, a dance with deception.

Is there no courage left within us? How intoxicated we become with hate, self-interest, accolades, popularity - we act as if Jesus Christ is no longer King of kings and Lord of lords - we ignore Psalm Two and Daniel Two, we ignore our mission to the world. We bow the knee to Baal, we ride the Beast, our hearts and minds are polluted - and yet we refuse to run to the Bible and to learn it and know it so that we can think soberly, think clearly, and act with courage. We worship man and not Jesus Christ, we worship ourselves, our movements, our agendas - the fear of Yahweh is indeed the beginning of wisdom...but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Oh that our hearts and minds would be faithful to Jesus and that we would know that to be married to Him is to be only married to Him and to no other (2 Corinthians Chapter 11).

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