Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Philippians 3:9: A Prayer

Holy Father, as I awake to this new day, grant that I will know your righteousness and yours alone, grant that I may be found in Christ and his righteousness, and please grant that the Holy Spirit will keep an awareness of Christ’s righteousness alive within my heart and mind throughout today – grant that I may be kept and protected in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus, that I may see you throughout today, be found in you each moment, and that you would deliver me from myriad temptations to look to my own righteousness, my own deeds of merit, my own devices – that I by your grace will cast them all away as filthy disgusting rags and be found clothed in the white linen of your righteousness, justification, and sanctification – in the white garment you have purchased for me on your Cross.

Holy Spirit, that you would please open the eyes of my heart, the windows of my soul – to behold Jesus and Jesus alone and to desire no one besides Him; and that I might hear the Father’s voice again and again, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

In a world of the temporal, may I be clothed with the eternal garment of Jesus Christ; may I learn to wear today that garment that I shall wear with all the saints in eternity – the white linen of the righteousness of Jesus Christ. 

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