Friday, September 3, 2010

Meditation On A Puritan Prayer – August 24, 2010 Part VI

Order this day all my communications according to thy wisdom, and to the gain of mutual good. Forbid that I should not be profited or made profitable.

The older English of these two lines may get in our way; after all, we don’t write or talk like this anymore. Yet, I have found that when I’m challenged to stop and think and translate words into contemporary thought that I often benefit from the exercise.

Am I conscious of the ordering of my daily interactions – the sweet and the challenging? Do I desire God to order my conversations, my interactions; the ones I have planned and the ones foisted upon me? Do I trust the wisdom of God to shepherd me throughout each day?

Do I truly want my interactions with others to be mutually beneficial? Do I want to be a blessing to others? Do I desire to be a blessing to others more than I desire them to be a blessing to me?

And do I want to be open to growth, learning, understanding, and transformation in all interactions – whether pleasant or unpleasant; whether anticipated or unanticipated? What a waste to have unpleasant interactions, unpleasant experiences, unpleasant conversations without growth in Christ and transformation into His image.

If we believe passages such as Psalm 139, Ephesians 2:10, and Romans 8:28 – 29, then we can indeed look to our kind heavenly Father to order each day to the gain of mutual good.

Will you consider making this your prayer today…and tomorrow?

It is not adversity that we should fear; but adversity without profitability, adversity without growth in Christ, adversity without being used to bless others – forbid that I should not be profited or made profitable.

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